ADAM NEATE photographed by Sarah Lee at Elms Lesters

Adam Neate

Adam Neate spent a decade leaving paintings on the streets “Those years were my art school. I learnt about colour and composition simply through practice. The critics were there every day..”

Adam Neate is a self taught British artist who began by leaving his paintings, on cardboard, on the streets of London and now has work in collections in 30 countries around the world.

A fearless painter, he has developed his own language of Dimensional Painting ; in Neate’s most recent work, space itself has become a medium, with the viewer activating their own ‘viewing space’ by moving and changing their vantage point, in order to get the full multi-dimensional effect.

亞當  尼特 是一位自学成才的艺术家,其艺术生涯开始于在伦敦街头用硬纸板作画,现在全世界有30个国家收藏他的作品。