Dimensional EDITIONS

Adam Neate limited edition prints and multiples are available from Elms Lesters.

Curator Paul Jones: “..I see this series of works as ‘consumer art’ – art for the consumer – it is referencing branding and high-end packaging used in distinguished retail environments.
This is an exclusive, covetable artwork.
Adam has always experimented with a variety of mediums, from cardboard, to perspex to holograms – these latest works use a myriad of materials, selected for their texture, colour, luminescence and special effects, to create a language in their own right.”


In 2007 Elms Lesters set a new standard for limited edition giclee editioned prints. Since 2012 Elms Lesters has published a series of Adam Neate ‘Dimensional Editions®’.

A variety of techniques have been employed, from lenticulars and holograms to screenprinted Perspex, metal and wood, resulting in a series of highly collectable, limited edition artworks. Each work is signed by the artist and individually numbered, both on the artwork and on the accompanying certificate.

Where listed, prices include UK VAT: for International prices, including crating, shipping and insurance or any other questions please contact the gallery.

Some of our editions and multiples are available to be purchased directly from our online store.

自2012年起,艾尔姆斯莱斯特斯已经发表了一系列亞當  尼特的“空间版本”(’Dimensional Editions®’)