ADAM NEATE limited edition prints and mulitples

PORTRAIT no.1 2017
embossed, debossed, flocked, foiled, silk screen and lithograph on die-cut board.
‘box framed’ multiple
48 x 48 x 5.7cm (with lid measures 49.2 x 49.2 x 6.3 cm)

A 2D Dimensional, handmade multiple limited to an edition of 18

A black lidded ‘frame’ box, foil blocked with gloss white logo, with nickel hanger eyelets on rear, opening to revealing litho printed vignette on board, foil blocked in gloss grey, embossed and debossed and die cut to shape, positioned above a screen printed layer of colour changing ink, foil blocked and embossed with holographic foil, revealing another litho printed die cut vignette, and finally revealing a lower layer of black flock with metallic and fluoro foil blocked shapes.

“This groundbreaking 2D Dimensional Multiple handmade artwork: comprises four 9mm layers. The depth of the individual layers, contributes to the multi-dimensional nature of the work.
This exquisite, handmade multiple, has been painstakingly constructed from the highest specification die-cut boards, papers and inks.
The careful selection of textures, holographic foils, colour changing inks, and areas of embossing and debossing result in the work appearing to change according to your viewing position and angle of lighting.
Each work is individually signed and numbered by the artist, with an accompanying certificate.”

“A CLASSIC NEATE PORTRAIT!” and available from our online store