Adam Neate limited edition print on tin . Adam Neate The Hug . Elms Lesters

Entitled ‘ITI_01 THE HUG (avant garde)’ this Dimensional Edition marks the first of a series of ‘Industrial Technology Issues’, in which Neate uses tehnological processes to create accessible ‘mass produced’ limited editions.

Based on an original Dimensional Painting by Adam Neate this latest edition breaks new ground on a number of fronts…

THE HUG (avant garde) is the FIRST edition that uses industrial technology to produce a slick, affordable Dimensional Edition.

THE HUG (avant garde) is the FIRST Neate Dimensional Edition to be offered for sale, direct from our online store, to our worldwide collectors.

Each work has a numbered and signed label affixed on the reverse, with an exclusive Elms Lesters pewter authentication label, and is accompanied by a certificate of provenance.


Packaged in a custom-made, carefully foam lined export strength box, these editions are available to be shipped worldwide.